Tamra Barney, Simon Barney

Bravo Photo: Brett Ascarelli

Just call it The Really Pissed-Off Husbands of Orange County.

Real Housewives of Orange County's Tamra Barney tells me her businessman hubby, Simon, isn't too thrilled about last night's episode which showed her shopping for their 10-year wedding anniversary celebration.

Tamra and a friend stopped into an adults-only boutique, where cameras caught her giving an impromptu fashion show of body-baring lingerie.

"He thought it was distasteful," Tamra said. "He was a little upset with me, and after seeing it, I kind of cringed, too. I thought it was going to be fun and we were going to have a good time, but it turned into some raunchy thing."

Simon isn't the only husband none too pleased lately. As I first reported yesterday, Vicki Gunvalson admitted to me that her husband, Don, now regrets being a part of the show "100 percent" because it has exposed too much of their marital problems.

While Vicki declined to comment when asked if she wants to return for another season, it sounds like Tamra wants to keep those cameras rollin'. 

"I love being in the spotlight," Tamra said. "I think every one of us girls on the show loves the attention and that's why we're on it. Like I always say, 'It's like being the most popular girl in high school.' "

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