Ranking New Midseason shows

And here we go!

Though we're still trying to make our way through our still-jampacked DVRs from all the new shows that made their debut this past fall (well, the ones that didn't have their episode orders trimmed), a whole new batch of small screen freshmen have arrived for their big premieres. 

Overwhelming? Yes. But fortunately, there are SO many good shows coming your way in the coming weeks, including two new supernatural series based on best-selling books (Shadowhunters and The Shannara Chronicles) and Ryan Murphys latest masterpiece, American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson.

But which show is the best of the bunch? We've ranked the 14 new midseason shows...and our picks might surprise you. So click through our gallery below to find out which newbies you should already be setting a series record for, and which you should maybe swipe left on...

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