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    Lauren and Heidi Reunite Again as Cameras Roll

    Lauren Conrad, Heidi Montag Lisa O'Connor/ZUMA Press

    Although Lauren Conrad and Heidi Montag already hugged it out in a tearful reunion at STK a while back, Hills cameras weren't rolling to capture the impromptu moment.

    So at the grand opening of SLS Hotel Thursday night, L.C. and Heidi hung out yet again for another reunion that was caught on camera. The former friends met on the rooftop of the hotel by the pool, where they hugged and laughed together for about 20 minutes.

    Although Lauren checked her BlackBerry twice during their conversation, they seemed genuinely happy to see each other as they chatted about all-important topics such as boys, shoes and hair. (Spoiler: Heidi says her hair is real!)

    While Heidi wasn't wearing her "wedding" ring, she did have support from her and Spencer's siblings at the soiree...

    Heidi's mom may have accused Spence of drugging her daughter and claimed their marriage wouldn't make it past the six-month mark, but sister Holly Montag was by her side at the hotel. As Heidi and L.C. talked, Holly and Lo Bosworth hung at another table. And Spencer's sis, Stephanie Pratt, was also poolside with the group. (Unlike last time, Heidi's new hubby was not present for the reunion.)

    The funniest part of their conversation? When Heidi said "I'm gonna go back to work" as they finished talking. The only work she did as part of her so-called Bolthouse Productions job at the SBE hotel grand opening was to reapply her lip gloss.

    As if you needed more proof that The Hills isn't exactly reality...

    —Additional reporting by Whitney English