There is no doubt that the past few weeks have been tough for Khloe Kardashian.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star opened up to Today's Natalie Morales in a pre-taped interview Thursday about Lamar Odom's health crisis and how the initial phone call was absolutely petrifying. Because they're still married, Khloe was responsible for making all medical decisions.

"It's a horrible call to get," she admitted. "Getting to the hospital and knowing he's in a coma and having to run these tests or make medical decisions. It's terrifying."

She explained that no matter what she did there was always going to be a risk, which scared her even more because she was responsible for his care. "You have to make risk-and-reward decisions," Khloe continued. "Like, OK, well, there's an 80 percent chance if we do this operation, he might pass away. But also if we don't do it, there's a 90 percent chance he'll pass away."

Khloe Kardashian, Lamar Odom

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It's no wonder that all the stress from the past month would result in her own sickness. "Khloe has experienced fever, fatigue, and swollen glands. She has an infection but hasn't been diagnosed yet," a source told E! News Wednesday, while another insider explains that the celeb "has an minor infection and is being treated by her doctors. She is run down as she has been burning the candle at both ends. She will be fine but needs some rest."

Despite her own health woes, Khloe is just relieved that Lamar is off of life-supporting machines. "He is learning how to walk again and learning...cognitive therapy and speech therapy," she explained.

"They think, like, within a year and a half to two years that, mentally, he might be fully recovered. But they don't know."

Khloe did admit, however, that she had high hopes from the start given his initial responses, but doctors kept warning her to be prepared for the worst. "They kept saying, 'You're so optimistic. And you're so positive.' They wanted to keep reminding me, like, 'We're nowhere in the clear,'" she recalled.

"But I was, like, 'You guys told me he was gonna die just a few hours—or a few days ago.'"

Even though Khloe has explained why she called off her divorce from Lamar, the E! star clarified her exact reasoning.

"I was expediting the divorce prior, and I'm still separated with him, but I'm just not expediting them anymore," she revealed. "There was no reason for it. And also, [it's] in his will that I'm always the medical adviser. And it was just...he had no one else to make these decisions for him."

In addition to Lamar's health, Khloe and the rest of her family have also had to handle Caitlyn Jenner's transition, which Khloe said affected her the most. "Verbally, I've handled it the worst 'cause I'm so honest," she said.

"And I'm just so, like, aggressive with the way I talk. So I'm always the one to be a bad guy, which I'm also okay with. But probably I took it the hardest."

But now she's just happy to see Caitlyn living life to the fullest.

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