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You know you love it...And it's just too good not to spill!

Gossip Girl's resident "Basshole" Ed Westwick (Chuck) not only appears to be hooking up with a Gossip costar offscreen, he's also getting some long-awaited lip service onscreen that will have you fans squealing like a stuck pig.

So who are the lucky ladies?

And, oh yeah, how about some news on Brothers & Sisters and Ugly Betty that's serious as a heart attack? And the latest on Callie and Sadie's same-sex flirtation on Grey's?

It's all in this week's roundup of answers to your burning TV questions...

Sandy in New Orleans: Are Ed Westwick (Chuck) and Jessica Szor (Vanessa) really together in real life?

Leighton Meester, Ed Westwick, Gossip Girl

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My sources are telling me that they've been "pretty cozy" and "more than friends" for a little while, and the latest report and photo on W magazine's website sure seem to second that notion! You can see it here. Personally, though, I'm even more fascinated by what happens with Ed on the show with a certain Queen B! Keep reading to the spoiler section for that.

Lily in Thailand: Kristin, have you seen Joss Whedon's Dollhouse yet?
I haven't seen an ep yet, but I am going to the set on Thursday to interview Eliza Dushku! If you have Q's for any Dollhouse peeps, email me at tvdiva@eonline.com, and I'll try to get you answers!

Marina in Baltimore: When does Battlestar Galactica return?
Jan. 16! Can't wait! In the meantime, have you seen the new, longer trailer for season 4.5? Meanwhile, if you want to know which two characters come out of the closet in the webisodes premiering Dec. 12, check out the scoop from Galactica Sitrep!

Lee G.: What date is season two of the Sons of Anarchy expected to begin?
Creator Kurt Sutter told me he expects season two to begin around the same time as this year, so look for it in September '09.

Spoilers: Spoiler Line: Do Not Cross

Dara in Chicago: Gossip Girl news! Please, anything on Chuck and/or Blair.
Well, after you see tonight's episode you'll know who the death is, and you'll know why I'm being told that Ed Westwick turns out a performance next week that is actually so good it's worth an Emmy. It's the funeral episode and you will sob. Most importantly, though, I'm hearing that all this heart-wrenching torment may cause some upward movement in a certain long-awaited coupling many of us have been dying to see since last weekend. Blair Waldorf just might, finally, say those three little words?No, not "Do-Ro-Ta!!"! Something else a wee bit more special that you will not want to miss.

Wendell in San Fancisco: Are there really going to be two pregnancies on One Tree Hill?
That's what I'm hearing, yes. Guesses? I know the first but don't yet know the second, so if you have an inkling, please enlighten me in the comments!

Melissa George, Brooke Smith, Grey's Anatomy

Craig Sjodin, ABC/Scott Garfield

Clara in Grand Rapids, Mich.: Got anything on Grey's Anatomy?
Even though Erica didn't think Callie was much of a lesbian, Callie is still exploring her sexuality, despite mourning the loss of Dr. Hahn, and in this week's episode she starts suspecting Sadie (Melissa George) might be into her. Still, what I have been told by a source is that although there is what seems like an initial flirtation, it doesn't go anywhere. Plus, Mark and Little Grey continue circling each other, and I can't decide if I think that's kind of cute or kind of gross. What do you think? (P.S. This Thursday is the last new Grey's Anatomy of 2008.)

Delia in Los Angeles: I love House so much, and I need me some Huddy news!
The episode where House and Cuddy kissed was called "Joy." The Christmas episode (airing Dec. 9) is called "Joy to the World." Coincidence?

Heidi in Washington, D.C.: Do you have any CSI scoop?
Just caught the ep where Laurence Fishburne makes his first appearance as CSI: Vegas' newest character, and as far as I can see, Fishburne's Dr. Raymond Langston, a pathologist turned professor, has exactly the gravitas needed to fill the coming Grissom-shaped void in the show. In this ep, airing Dec. 11, Grissom announces his retirement, and the rest of the episode focuses on the gang's reaction--Willows knew it was coming before Grissom did, Super Dave cries, etc. Anyway, Fishburne's character, Dr. Raymond Langston, is introduced in a classroom setting, but Grissom's current investigation and Langston's lesson plan--interviewing a serial killer as an academic exercise--soon intersect. Langston busts Grissom in a lie shortly after they meet, but don't worry; their clash is quickly put aside when that jailbird serial killer Langston was interviewing starts spilling secrets about a series of recent homicides taking place in the city. Langston doesn't join the team in this ep, but the foundation is laid, and it looks to be a strong one.

America Ferrera

FPZ/Fame Pictures

Mel in Temecula, Calif.: How about some Ugly Betty news?
I'm hearing that Betty's father will suffer a heart attack soon. Fortunately it's not fatal, but it will prompt Betty to move back home.

Bob in Fullerton, Calif.: Can I bribe you to get some Chuck scoop?
I can tell you that Brooklyn Decker and two other S.I. models head for Chuck in an upcoming episode, and Chuck (Zachary Levi) is in for a surprise when she slaps him. Where is Sarah (Yvonne Strahovski) to throw down when you need her?

James in Hawaii: Only three more episodes of Heroes: Villains--any idea what to expect from Heroes: Fugitives?
The Hunter (Zeljko Ivanek) will be partners with at least one (and possibly two) alpha-male Heroes we know and love. Also, I just got some unexpected good news about a twist I teased last week. Check out the Heroes Redux for the update.

Alison in Midland, Texas: More Heroes please!
George Takei
returns tonight while Sam and Frack try to help Hiro get his memory back. Also, Elle and Sylar better watch out because HRG is not too happy they shot Claire.

Pia in Las Vegas: Anything on Private Practice?
Look for a new recurring character in the vein of Major Hottie. They're now casting a "a confident, self-assured, attractive and a highly intelligent grown-up" male surgeon in his 30s or 40s. If you ask me, the misbehaving overgrown kids that currently run Oceanside Wellness are about to get a spanking.

Naveen Andrews, Lost


Jenna in Pittsburgh: Spill me some Lost! I love Sayid news in particular, especially since I saw that new footage of him and Jack fighting!
Episode 10 is looking more and more like it might feature a Sayid flashback. Lost is now casting for a father and two young boys who can speak fluent Arabic. The newest casting notice, for the younger son, describes the character as "quiet and thoughtful, loves his older brother and is protective of him, can do what his father asks calmly and coolly." Could this be Sayid? Lord only knows Captain Hotness is calm and cool under pressure. Oh, and in other news, I'm moving about seven doors down from Damon Lindelof next month. If you ever feel the need to bake him muffins as a thank you for the goodness he gives us, I'm happy to deliver. (The baby and I just take a 10 percent "walking fee.")

Jennifer in Santa Monica, Calif.: Any scoopy goodness on Friday Night Lights?
Tyra finally discovers that Cash (Zach Roerig) has a dark side that involves gambling and mistreating women. Landry, time for another murder to defend your girl! Also, Grandma and Shelby fight viciously, leaving poor Matt in the middle, and someone with an agenda makes Riggins an offer he can't refuse.

Nell in Edmonton: Loved the 24: Redemption movie. Do you have anything to share on the season?
We might be seeing a different kind of Jack Bauer this season. Not exactly kinder or gentler, but perhaps a more world-weary and less bullet-proof superhero...Executive producer Howard Gordon tells me, "We learn [this season] that the world is a very complex world. A lot of the wish fulfillment that powered the first bunch of seasons is not [as possible] in the post-Abu Ghraib, post-Guantanamo world. Wouldn't it be great if Jack gets every bad guy he roughs up? Yes, but the world's not that simple. [This season] Jack doesn't get out without paying."

Lee Pace, Anna Friel, Pushing Daisies

ABC/Scott Garfield

Jackie in Portland, Ore.: Any scoop on this week's Pushing Daisies?
There will be so many deaths it will be hard to keep up with. Two of them are fake, but of the many that are real, one has a serious effect on one of the Aunts. Also, I know the final shot of episode 13 (the last episode we get), and I can tell you it might leave you Ned/Chuck fans very restless.

Jill in Kingman, Az.: Anything on my new obsession, 90210?
Not only is Ty Collins (Adam Gregory) returning, but he's bringing mom and dad back with him. Look for an appearance by Ty's ultrarich but surprisingly nice parents. Hmmm...wonder if he's bringing Annie home to meet his family?

Nicole in Stockton, Calif.: What's coming up on 30 Rock?
When Jack hits Liz's reunion, he'll act like one of the gang, attempting to bridge the gap between Liz and her former classmates. Her reunion turns out to be like those kids at the prom in Carrie, and Jack kinda sorta accidentally becomes a father. Whooops! In other news, Larry King has confirmed that some guy named Larry King will be guesting on 30 Rock as...himself. He'll be in one scene opposite Tracy Jordan. The guest stars just keep coming!

Marshall in Miami: I loved Sam Witwer (Smallville's Doomsday) on the Watch with Kristin show! He looks so familiar though; where have I seen him before?
Find out the Dexter-licious deets on that and more in the bonus clip below.

Leslie in Northampton, Mass.: Did Rebecca go to the new house on Greek?
Sources close to the set tell me that Rebecca (Dilshad Vadsaria) will be staying with the Zeta Beta Zeta house and not leaving for Frannie's (Tiffany Dupont) Iota Kappa Iota house, but that doesn't mean the ZBZ's won't be desperate for new girls.

Brad in Frederick, Md.: Even though it has been canceled, can we still get scoop on Eli Stone?
An unlikely pair team up in tomorrow night's episode. Dowd and Maggie have to prove their loyalty to the new firm, and all the while Taylor is hiding her big secret from Matt.

Matthew Rhys, Brothers & Sisters


Marc in Charleston, W.V.: What's the deal with Elizabeth's emergency on Brothers & Sisters?
The episode airing this Sunday is huge. Tommy and Julia are forced to find out who her real father is. My money's on the guy Tommy is currently not getting along with (on the show or reportedly in real life). You know who, right?! If not, hit up the comments, where your friends will guide you. Also, someone is going to have a heart attack. And he's a heartthrob.

Gabi in Santiago, Chile: Am I the only one who loooveeees The Big Bang Theory with all those funny/smart jokes?
No, you are definitely not the only one, and partly as a result of all your support for it in the recent reader feedback survey we'll be covering it more! (Jim Parsons is irresistible.) Anyway, in an upcoming episode, when a bully starts ragging on one of Sheldon's competitive robots, Leonard stands up for his best friend and does a little trash-talking about the other guy. The resulting "Yo mama is so fat?" jokes are (as you might imagine since Sheldon is involved) mangled beyond recognition. (They're still funny, though!)

Tip: If you love stars, check out a new gallery exhibit produced by a friend of a friend. Faces of Sunset is gorgeous and can be seen online and at the ArcLight in Hollywood for the next three months.

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