Pete Wentz, Ashlee Simpson

Frank Micelotta/Getty Images for MTV

As far as quirky baby names goes, Ashlee Simpson-wentz and Pete Wentz's moniker Bronx Mowgli Wentz has to be right up there. You can tell us where it ranks in the grand pantheon of bonkers baby names by taking our poll below.

And on a side note, one of our commenters on an earlier item pointed out the Wentz lad's luxury-auto-friendly initials: BMW. Talk about your new frontier in sponsorship opportunities! It got me to thinking out of the box on baby names and how it could work for the rest of us. What about Skinny Jeans Sashimi Kia Reid? Or Skyy Appletini Laptop Reid? Or maybe Blackberry Pinkberry Ferrari Reid? Hey, all you sponsors out there, this could totally work! Call me.

Anyhoo, take our poll to let us know where little BMW ranks on the list, and give us some other star infant handles in the comments section.

Celeb Baby Names, BMW Edition
Which Star Spawn Moniker Brings the Most Crazy?
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