Twilight, Robert Pattinson

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Twilight mania sinks its teeth into theaters nationwide today. The film, based on the youth romance novel of a 17-year-old girl falling in love with a sexy young vampire (portrayed by fledgling hunk Robert Pattinson), has seen thousands of female tween superfans camping out for the eagerly anticipated opening.

Yet the event is not untouched by controversy. Thirteen-year-old Boise, Idaho, resident Susan Johnson, a self-described “vampire princess,” who prefers the name Lachrimae (Latin for “tears”), is speaking out.

“Until the sun has set and I am graced with darkness, I cannot see this movie,” said an almost emotionless Lachrimae, clad completely in black, to Soup Blog sources. Her firm stance is in opposition to her mother, Carol Johnson, 43. “Look, at the Downtown Stadium 9 they’ve got daytime screenings she can go to at 10:35, 11:05, 1:25, 1:55, 4:15 and 4:45 on Saturday. Believe me, I checked. No way is she going to the 10:25 at night, especially dressed like that.”

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