Robert Pattinson

Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images

Robert Pattinson was the babe of the ball at the Twilight premiere last night in Westwood. Pattin-hon’s costar Nikki Reed talked Rob with us while he was out taking pics with his near-fainting fans. “You know, the girls that are all yelling for Rob don’t know Rob. And if they did know Rob, they would still be screaming for him. What all these girls may not know is that he’s an avid reader; he’s really intelligent and he writes beautifully. I know he’s really beautiful to look at, but Rob’s a lot more complicated than that, and there’s a lot more to him.”

You can practically envision every Zac Efron photo being ripped down from every teen girl’s bedroom walls and a Pattinson poster being tacked up in its place. A lot more on the complex cutie later today and what drives him just crazy, trust.

—Additional reporting by Taryn Ryder and Becky Bain

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