Britney's Groundhog Day prison of a life had a little more excitement than usual last night. The pop star, her manager, Larry Rudolph, and the hunk of burning love in the video above all enjoyed a nice dinner at Sur on Robertson.

Naturally, the paparazzi went crazy (one was even reportedly arrested for reckless driving) over the guy, who has been identified as Salvatore D’Angelo, the general manager of Kim Vo’s B2V salon in West Hollywood where Brit gets her hair done.

But D’Angelo and Britney are just "good friends" and there is absolutely nothing romantic happening between the two, says stylist and D10 contributor Vo.

E! News has also learned that dinner last night included a group of eight. So as much as we’d love to see Britney in love, looks like it isn’t happening just yet…

—Reporting by Ken Baker