The news that reunited Irish pop group Boyzone’s new video single “Better,” featuring gay band member Stephen Gately cuddling with a man, has broken genre stereotypes. It has also left openly gay, 21-year-old Sanduskie, Ohio resident Vince Langster confused.

“All I know is I read something online or someplace about a zone and gay and better, so I thought maybe AutoZone was having some kind of discount for homosexuals that would be better than Pep Boys,” Langster revealed to Soup Blog reporters. “My PT Cruiser needs a gasket, so I went over there looking for a deal. Needless to say, I didn’t get it. Though I did see some nice rims.” 

When reached for clarification, local AutoZone assistant manager Brint Bassweed Jr. stated that he'd "never heard of Boyzone. And I know all the gay auto parts and service dealerships in the area."