Sacha Baron Cohen, Bruno

Universal Focus

Bruno picked the wrong place to crank it up.

The flamboyant Austrian fashion reporter embodied by the character-crazy Sacha Baron Cohen was ejected from the set of Medium earlier this month after somehow finagling his way past security.

The muscle had to intervene on Nov. 7 after Bruno, going supposedly incognito as an extra, kept interrupting a tense courtroom scene involving the supernatural drama's star, Patricia Arquette.

It's currently unclear whether any of Bruno's antics were caught on tape, but this isn't the first time Cohen's fauxhawked alter ego has been caught in seemingly incongruous surroundings.

Over the past year, Cohen-as-Bruno has put on an impromptu go-go dance for the crowd at Kansas' Wichita Airport, crashed the catwalk during Fashion Week in Milan and popped up at a pro-Proposition 8 rally to rub elbows with supporters of California's ballot measure to ban gay marriage—all of which we can expect to show up in the upcoming Bruno movie, or at least in the DVD bonus footage.

NBC had no comment on Cohen's latest escapade, which was first reported by

Medium, entering its fifth season, returns to the network's prime-time schedule early next year.

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