Courtney Love

• Courtney Love went on a blogging rampage yesterday because she was so upset at her housekeeper, Miriam Torres, for allegedly stealing millions in designer fashion. After 60 blog posts, several "suicidal" to "kookoocherryo" moodswings and a Twilight shout-out, we're left with a bunch of links.

• Scarlett Johansson is totally baffled over why Lindsay Lohan wrote “Scarlett is a c--t” in a bathroom 2½ years ago. We're totally baffled why we’re still talking about this. Related: Here's Lindsay getting floured.

• Helen Mirren went and stuck her foot in her mouth again—she really needs to stop talking about rape.

• Kelly Osbourne is reportedly engaged to her 18-year-old model boyfriend...or she's pulling the ol' Lohan wedding ring fake out. Speaking of which, Kate Hudson might also be pulling a Lohan.

• Diddy, there are some things you should probably keep to yourself.

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