Given all the ongoing drama between Spencer Pratt and his sister, Stephanie, it came as a bit of a shock to spot the siblings dining together along with their significant others, Heidi Montag and Cameron Huston, Thursday night in L.A.

Wait. Scratch that! When it comes to the Hills folks, nothing should ever shock us.

Let's face it. Were we really shocked to learn that in next week's episode, Heidi's sister, Holly, moves in with Lauren Conrad? Was it that much of a shock to find out that the new living arrangements came as a result of Speidi supposedly sending Holly off packin'?

So we probably shouldn't be shocked to hear Spencer, when asked how they feel about Heidi's sis shacking up with his nemesis, say: "I hope she stocked up her fridge for Holly," with Heidi sarcastically adding, "It's amazing!"

And this is why we love—to hate, but love nevertheless.

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