Sean Penn

AP Photo/Chris Pizzello

Sean Penn, slinking into Tosca restaurant in San Francisco's North Beach area. S.P., clearly enamored with San Fran after filming Milk there, was easily approachable to all his fans, gay and straight alike, and he was super funny, too, joking with the left-leaning locals. Nice to see the guy relaxing—he seems so über-serious all the time, sheesh. Seanie's odd companion for the night? None other than fellow less than groovy hubby...

John Edwards, in NorCal for the Commercial Finance Association's 64th Annual Convention, ready for his debate with Karl Rove. Musta been one helluva bore, since Johnny needed to get out and roll back with random amigo Penn (could they possibly have been comparing notes on the most spectacular ways to bust up your marriage? That's my hunch). Our San Fran source insists Edwards looks much younger in person, all the better to pick up more attractive, very demented campaign workers, we're certain.

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