The Dark Knight

Stephen Vaughan / DC Comics

The southeastern Turkish city of Batman is none too happy with Warner Bros.' The Dark Knight; now the mayor of the small town, Huseyin Kalkan, is allegedly suing the studio and director Christopher Nolan for a portion of the $994 million in royalties the film has earned. “There is only one Batman in the world,” the mayor stated in Variety. “The American producers used the name of our city without informing us.”

According to Hollywood legal expert Ross Thaneston, if the suit is successful, the industry could potentially be devastated by copy cat suits. “Let’s take New York City. You’ve got New York, New York; Escape From New York; New York Stories; Gangs of New York and The New York Ripper, to name a few. If the city decides to get litigious, well, you do the math,” Thaneston said to Soup Blog reporters who tried but were ultimately unable to do the math.

 “Well, trust me," says Thaneston, "it’d be a lot of money.”   

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