Christina Aguilera

Andy Fossum/

 • Christina Aguilera is pulling the ol' "Lady Gaga? Never heard of her" act after being accused on numerous occasions of identity theft. Also, the Internet is a stranger to her.

This is what Sunday Rose reportedly looks like. Also, if God gives Nicole Kidman the OK, she's down for more kids.

Page Six says Lauren Conrad threw a tantrum in an airport. Lauren Conrad says Page Six is silly and wrong. Yep, that's the kind of gossip day it is around here.

• Posh and Romeo are ready for Christmas! Romeo is dressed up as a San Diego zookeeper just because he can.

Normally we have Lindsay Lohan's back no matter what, but homegirl's kinda on her own with this one.

A "couple glasses of champagne" and a balcony party does not always end well, as Jesse Metcalfe learned after a 40-foot fall. (Thankfully, he's gonna be OK.)