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    Seen It: Holly and Criss on the Rise in Vegas

    Criss Angel, Holly Madison Alex Loc Thieu/Tryst nightclub

    Criss Angel and Holly Madison, publicly petting in Sin City. The tight twosome seemed to be in the mood to celebrate the country's historical changeover last week in a far more private fashion. They were getting cozy, quite lusciously so, in an elevator at the Luxor as they headed up to their room. Someone who probably hasn't been groped by her husband since the first Bush took office was...

    Maria Shriver, along with her clan, trying not to be roadkill as they stood in the middle of a Malibu shopping center. Em was dressed in her weekend comfies, sporting an au naturel look that was, well, a little too glowing. Seems that M.S. needs to start packing on the sun block 'cause the babe was way too tan with "noticeable lines," piped our beachy spy. The whole fam was eventually picked up by Arnold and an embarrassing display of black SUV's. Gas-guzzle much? Elsewhere in the 'Bu was...

    Kelsey Grammer, munching at Marmalade Café with his wife, Camille, and another younger couple. Kels was having a Frasier throwback moment as he dressed for the breezy weather in a white tee and navy-blue grandpa sweater. K seemed to be the lunchtime entertainment 'cause a fellow diner said he was doing most of the talking at their private table while everyone else just intensely listened. Better chitchatting than scarfing fatty foods, I suppose. Smart, too, was...

    Kylie Minogue, performing in Lima. As in Peru, darlings, at the Estadio Monumental. During the middle of mini-Madonna's performance, someone in the crowd threw a chullo (wool hat) on stage for her. The Aussie smiled, picked it up, and thanked the hat-tastic fan saying that she planned to keep it. You know Madge so would have gone ballistic on that Peruvian's ass and probably sent a bodyguard after the culprit. Perky, too, back up north were...

    Colin Firth and Jason Segel, stopping in at the Russell Brand show at Largo. Jay had a girl and fag in tow, and by fag we mean in the smoking sense, of course. The chick was "ordinary looking," said our music type, and seemed to be giving off the friend vibe, but who the hell knows. Meanwhile, C-doll looked yummy as he waited in line for the b-room, dressed casually in jeans and a jacket, smiling at those departing the urinals before him, like he was hosting the damn bathroom, or something.




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