Anne Hathaway, Adam Shulman

Life & Style

Is Anne Hathaway getting so tired of playing dress-up for red carpet events that she's completely given up?

The normally doable babe was seen by Life & Style channeling Buddy Holly with those specs—and Lindsay Lohan with those leggings.

Actually, Hath-hon's more so pulling a Sam Ronson here with this unflattering, unfeminine look. We can't believe people assumed for a second that A.H. and her slight-lookin' friendo here were bed buddies. Oh, girlfriend, how many eyebrows can I raise over that one? Never mind.

And, Anne, just 'cause you're not at a premiere, don't think for a moment cameras aren't following you wherever you go. Your only excuse for forgoing fashion in favor of these goofy-lookin' duds is it being laundry day.