Amy Winehouse


• Amy Winehouse's husband was released from prison yesterday, which should be good news for the singer who frequently sobbed for her Blake Incarcerated on stage. So this is how she chose to get all dolled up?

• Madonna is begging Gwyneth Paltrow to move back to New York City so they can have GNO every night. Maybe they could hit up some of Gwynnie's hidden GOOP gems like the Met and the Guggenheim.

Yesterday was Kevin Jonas' 21st birthday—he got a $225,000 Lamborghini. That's way less awesome than Nick Jonas' puppy.

• Christina Aguilera's Target commercial is so much better than her superboring music video, but it's still not "Genie in a Bottle" amazing...

Simon Cowell’s ex reportedly received a $9 million conciliation prize. If that's the case, Simon can break up with us anytime he wants.

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