SCOTUS gay marriage ruling celebration

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Logging onto the Internet today is basically like this:

Rainbow Internet GIF

And it's glorious. The Supreme Court ruled that gay marriage is now legal in all 50 states, and that decision was met with an explosion of happiness, celebration and emotional tears of joy from all corners of the United States. President Barack Obama probably made you cry with his speech. Seeing photos of couples getting married finally after decades together definitely made you cry.

But do you feel like sobbing right where you stand? Just watch this video YouTube released today to honor this historic moment in our  nation's history.

The video, titled "#ProudtoLove," features a montage that is so heartwarming and so touching that we're not sure our tears will ever stop running down our cheeks. There are people coming out to their parents live in front of the world, speeches from politicians in favor of gay rights, proposals, weddings and of course, footage from Friday's SCOTUS ruling. It's such a beautiful video that it must be spread across the Internet.

Watch it above and spread the love! 

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