Matthew Broderick, Sarah Jessica Parker, Mayor Bloomberg

Dimitrios Kambouris/

Now that the election's almost over, what the hell are we in for, realistically speaking? Our fave Washington insiders, Desk DeeCee, just had lunch with the ferociously independent-thinking (but hardly celeb-shy) Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, who, according to Desk D, is of the opinion that the current bad economic sitch really began with the tech bust of '99, something most everybody ignored.

M.B. additionally "believes we became too deregulated during the Clinton administration and that it's difficult to have government-salaried civil servants regulating and managing billion- and trillion-dollar businesses."

Most upsetting was the final appraisal: "He said," relayed our Potomac insiders, "that things will probably get worse before they get better." True enough. So pick your poisons today, everybody, on which dude who you think will best help us through the unpleasantness to come.

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