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    Winehouse Checks Out of Hospital; Her Drug Dealers Could Be Checking Into Jail

    Amy Winehouse Dave M. Benett/Getty Images

    Amy Winehouse is back home after a brief hospital stint and "doing fine." The same can't be said for her dealers.

    A British couple pleaded guilty Friday to supplying drugs to a slew of celebrities, most notably Winehouse, and then selling a video of the Grammy-winning singer smoking crack to a U.K. tabloid.

    Johnny Blagrove, 34, and Cara Burton, 22, confessed to supplying cocaine and Ecstasy to the 25-year-old Grammy winner and then secretly filming her getting high and selling the footage to The Sun. The newspaper published images of the "Rehab" star's binge in January.

    The video sparked a police raid on the pair's east London home. There, investigators turned up a purported "hit list" of stars, including the troubled R&B belter, for whom they regularly furnished the illicit substances.

    Authorities declined to press charges against Winehouse.

    Blagrove pleaded guilty to two counts of offering to supply Class A drugs, specifically cocaine and MDMA, and one count of offering to supply Class B, while Burton copped to two counts of offering to supply Class B drugs. Prosecutors dropped an additional charge each of conspiracy.

    The twosome face unspecified jail time. A sentencing hearing has been scheduled for Nov. 28.

    As for Winehouse, her rep Tracey Miller told E! News Friday that the singer is now home from a London hospital, where she was being treated since last weekend for a chest infection.

    "All has been completed and she is fine," said Miller.



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