Mad Men

Michael Yarish/AMC

All mad things must come to an end.

After seven booze-and-smoke-filled seasons, Mad Men said goodbye on Sunday night. It was the end of an era for sure, but was it a satisfying end? 

Well, not every character's conclusion may have been fulfilling, but at least we got to see where (and with whom) Don, Betty, Peggy, Richard, Joan and the rest of the AMC series' gang ended up. (And one particular declaration of love had us jumping off our couches.)

After "Person to Person" aired, we asked you to weigh in on whether you loved or loathed Mad Men's swan song, and now, we can officially add the show into our ranking of the best and worst TV series finales of all time. Spoiler alert: It's not the worst, as that (dis)honor still belongs to Dexter! So click through our gallery below to find out how Mad Men fared!

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