Angelina Jolie

NBC Photo: Virginia Sherwood

As Angelina Jolie continues with her best mommy hetero show (while plugging her current flick, The Changeling, to such wholesome hangs as Today), I'm getting my ass fried for even daring to question her motives, and those of others, such as Anne Heche and Lindsay Lohan, babes known for keeping us dancing around just who, and what, they're cozying up to in bed.

Specifically, myriad readers, as well as the McCarthy-like Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation organization, are chastising me for even deigning to run such a poll as our last one, asking if bisexuality really exists, or if that choice of multinooky is simply something movie stars like to play around with in order to grab better headlines?

And even though many readers wrote in saying they loved the highly ironic poll, let's get this straight, as it were: I, too, am bisexual, technically speaking. Even though I had relationships with women at one time in my life, I feel more comfortable with a man, and have for many years. So, as a bisexual man, in light of so many public figures using what is, of course, a very real sexual station in life for many, I'm not allowed to post a sarcastic piece about it all on my own blog

Free speech, anyone? Or has that tradition gone, too, to the policing dogs who are so busy telling everybody else how to love and hate and live, mostly hate, these days? Get a life, people. I did. Apparently, so, too, did Angelina! (But only for the moment, I fear.)