Woman in Gold, Helen Mirren, Ryan Reynolds

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Helen Mirren is a woman of infinite manners. She's polite, refined, and even when she falls it looks like a move out of a ballet. She's a Dame for gosh sakes. 

But as of late it seems like she's on a bit of a campaign to prove that she's got a bit of a dirty side. Just last night, during a visit to promote her new movie Woman In Gold, she actually said the phrase "spotted dick" on The Tonight Show. And now we've gotten our hands on an exclusive clip from Woman In Gold in which she utters the term, er, "grim s--ts." 

Now, you should know that the flick is not actually a dirty one—it's actually just as refined as Dame Mirren herself. 

It tells the true story of Maria Altmann, an Austrian Jewish woman (Mirren) on a quest to retrieve a family heirloom (a Gustav Klimt painting, no less) that was stolen by the Nazis and given to a museum in Vienna. She enlists the help of a young lawyer (played by Ryan Reynolds), and together the unlikely pair attempt to take on the Austrian government.

In the clip, Mirren's character retells the story of the Nazi raid on her childhood home and works with her lawyers to trace the thefts of her family's art collection (some of which even ended up in Hitler's private office). 

And, just how does Helen's hilariously vulgar vocabulary fit into all of this? You'll just have to watch the clip to find out. 

Woman In Gold opens today, April 1.

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