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    Ronson Makes Like Lohan, Seeks Privacy

    Samantha Ronson, Lindsay Lohan Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty for Saks Fifth Avenue

    Samantha Ronson spins recordings—she doesn't sit for them.

    Lindsay Lohan's shadow is following in LiLo's legal footsteps, seeking a court order to prevent her upcoming deposition from being recorded for fear of the footage getting leaked to the media.

    Ronson filed a declaration requesting the confidentiality order in her ongoing negligence suit against her former attorney.

    "As a result of my friendship with Ms. Lohan, I am constantly followed by reporters, photographers and paparazzi whenever I go out in public," she said.

    "Because of the media's significant coverage of my activities, I am very worried that anything I say during the course of my deposition in this action will be published by someone in the media and made available to the public to read."

    The celebrity DJ is set to be deposed in her lawsuit against former attorney Martin Garbus, who unsuccessfully represented her in her defamation suit against blogger Perez Hilton. Ronson accuses Garbus of failing to properly represent her throughout the case due to a conflict of interest over payment.

    She said in her declaration to the court that she expects to be quizzed by Garbus' lawyers on her relationship and communications with Lohan, whether she has ever been treated for alcohol or substance abuse, if she has undergone counseling or therapy, her connection to police and her income—all topics she fears would make for a field day for the media.

    "These subjects involve extremely private and confidential matters," she said. "I should not have to worry that anything I say about these subjects during the course of my deposition will be publicized for the world to know."

    Like Lohan's lawyers requested last week, Ronson is seeking a ban on any video or audio recordings of the deposition and wants the transcript to be kept sealed.

    A hearing on the duo's motions has been set for Nov. 6.