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As if anyone needed any more proof that Taylor Swift will ride or die for her fans, well, here's yet another example.

One of Grammy winner's most diehard fans, Colleen Sullivan, was on a mission at the iHeartRadio Music Awards Sunday night: to meet her idol once and for all.

So Sullivan did what any normal Swift-sessed person does, she launched a massive Tumblr campaign in a bid to catch the songstress' attention. And it worked!

The morning of the awards show, Sullivan got the news that everyone dreams of yet only a few get to experience…that T.Swift had followed her on the social media platform.

But that was only the tip of the iceberg! Sullivan attending the awards show in Los Angeles with her close pal Tiffany Huang and the two were whisked away shortly after the night's festivities began.

Taylor Swift and Fans


And just like that, magic happened, and the ladies got to not only meet but hang out with the "Shake It Off" singer.

The pop star chatted with them at her dinner table, posed for photos with the ladies and spent ample time giving them a night they won't soon forget.

E! News caught up with Sullivan, who told us exclusively, "Taylor talked to me like she was my best friend like she's so welcoming and she really wants to thank us for supporting her all these years. It's amazing how I can play a part in her happiness when she's always played a huge role in mine."

Of course this isn't exactly the first time that Swift has shown her legions of fans some serious lovin'.

In fact, just last month she offered one friend some breakup advice and even created a special playlist for them to listen to!

And that's nothing compared to her 1989 surprise listening sessions with fans, where she baked cookies and even wrapped gifts for unsuspecting devotees.

Ugh, T.Swift, you rule.

—Additional reporting by Ari Forer.

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