One year ago yesterday Derick asked Jill to marry him. Now they have been married a little over 9 months and Jill is 9 months, 6 days pregnant. Little baby Dilly should be born any day. Please pray for a healthy delivery and enjoy the little video of the happy couple we made yesterday!

Posted by Duggar Family Official on Monday, March 30, 2015

Baby Dilly isn't ready to meet his parents yet!

Jill Duggar and Derick Dillard posted a video to Facebook Monday in honor of the one-year anniversary of their engagement, and even though they were celebrating their special day, they were more anxious for the arrival of their first child! Jill, who is five days overdue, said she is still "feeling great" despite being late.

The 23-year-old mom-to-be and her husband are doing everything they can to make sure they have a happy and healthy baby, including keeping up with exercising and maintaining a healthy diet.

"I'll try and add up her protein every day, make sure we're getting 60 to 80 grams of protein," explained Derick, who has been helping out with Jill's pregnancy. "At the same time you don't want to get too much because you don't want to have a 10 lb. baby."

Derick Dillard, Jill Duggar, Instagram


Even though she is rocking her biggest bump yet, Jill doesn't seem bothered by it! In fact, she seems to be patiently awaiting her baby's arrival. "We'll see whenever baby Dilly makes his appearance."

She's so calm, cool and collected! That's probably because she has a wonderfully doting husband to take care of her. And to think they got engaged only a year ago and now they have a baby who will arrive any day now!

"One year ago I got down and proposed to Jill," Derick said in the video with a smile from ear-to-ear on his face.

"And I said, 'Yes, totally!' " Jill laughed.

"And now, nine months later, we're expecting out first, and we're actually five days overdue," Derick continued. "He could come at any moment...It's a matter of time right now."

In addition to the video posted on the Duggar Facebook page, the parents-to-be also Instagrammed a pic in honor of their special day. "One year ago today, she said yes," Derick wrote. "Happy engagement anniversary to my beautiful bride @jillmdillard I love you Jill Michelle! #newlyweds."

Congrats to the happy couple, and we wish you a healthy delivery! 

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