Hannibal Buress


There's always one.

Broad City star and Justin Bieber roaster Hannibal Buress was rudely interrupted by a heckler during his Comedy Camisado tour stop in Wilmington, Del., and he knew exactly how to handle the unfortunate situation.

After a man was shouting from the wings, the comedian stopped his stand-up routine and told the crowd, "I don't know who that is, but they gotta go."

And boy, oh boy, did he continue…

"Stop yelling, why can't you hold your liquor? I want to give you the excuse of being drunk and not just being a s--tty obnoxious person. I hope you're drunk, because I've done s--t when I was drunk, [just] not interrupt a show that 1,100 other people are watching."

Buress quickly parlayed the confrontation into an ongoing joke by saying, "When I'm drunk, I like to ruin one or two peoples' nights—a cab driver, a bartender, a woman that I'm seeing. I don't go into a big venue. I like to work on a small scale. You, sir, are a social terrorist."

The audience went wild and even Buress himself couldn't help but crack up at his digs aimed at the rowdy audience member.

"You have a bigger need for attention than I do. At least I worked hard and got on television, you're just in the darkness…If you want attention you have to do what I did and work really hard for 13 years," he dished to the sold-out crowd.

"I'm fascinated with hecklers…the psychology of it. When somebody's like, 'I want to pay money to see you, but also I'll try to undermine you at any moment."

Ironically, Bill Cosby—who landed back in headlines after Buress resurfaced the sexual abuse allegations made against him—was also heckled during his comedy tour stop over the weekend and handled it in a very different way.

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