Celebrities just can't stop sounding off on Zayn Malik leaving One Direction!

While getting ready for the 2015 Kids' Choice Awards this weekend, the girls of Fifth Harmony gave us their thoughts on all the drama surrounding the Brit boy band.

"We kinda know what it feels like to be in the situation," Normani Kordei told E! News. "Ultimately, if he's happy at the end of the day, because happiness is the most important [thing], we support him."

Camila Cabello added, "We do understand why a lot of people are sad, because, I mean, I was a Directioner and it's the end of an era. But at the end of the day, happiness and health comes first. So we totally are supporting him."

Meanwhile, at the iHeart Radio Awards in L.A. on Sunday, comedian Billy Eichner joked, "Devastated. This is the first time I've left my house since then. I've been at a vigil all week long, a candlelight vigil. Zayn has a vision for his life and who are we to stop him? Zayn knows who he is. Zayn knows what he needs."

Famous boy-bander Donnie Wahlberg also sounded off on the Zayn news during an interview with Howard Stern today. "It just depends on what guy you are," the New Kids On The Block star said. "It's hard to say, look at Justin Timberlake. You never know. But he may be the Lance Bass of the group and probably should stay. It just depends who you are. If you know who you are in the pecking order, you can make those choices."

And no, Wahlberg doesn't want to replace Zayn. "Those guys smoke too much weed for me!" he joked. LOL!

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