It takes a brave man to stand alongside a mostly-naked David James Corden, you are one brave man!

The new Late Late Show host stripped down for an underwear ad spoof with Victoria Beckham's hunky hubby. In the clip for their fictitious new line of D&J Briefs, both men stand shirtless in their skivvies as the camera pans up and down their bodies.

Both David, 39, and James, 36, strike a series of serious poses as soft music plays int he background. They get deep in a back-and-forth narrative, too, musing. "You spend your life being watched...getting pushed...being judged. The horizons are difficult to see. Is there a reason to life? Is there a meaning to my days?"

"That's why I need to feel secure," says David.

"Supported," chimes in James.

"Free," adds the former soccer star, extending his hand with dramatic flare.

"Cradled," says the late-night newcomer, making a rather, um, ballsy gesture before says he needs to feel "sexually aroused."

"Excuse me?" asks David, looking at him critically.

"You heard," says James.

The fellas continue to shill their spoof of a skivvies line, with David reminding us, "Beauty is skin deep. It's underneath that counts."

Then, before James attempts to do the worm, he delivers D&J Briefs' tagline: "It's underwear for a man with a great body, and David Beckham!"

Sadly these boxer-briefs won't be found on shelves any time, ever,  but who doesn't love seeing David (almost) in the buff?! James, BTW, is an extraordinarily lucky man—this isn't the first time he's found himself in an intimate situation with Mr. Golden Balls! The two took a bubble bath together back in 2010 (for charity!), an experience James fondly recalled to Conan O'Brien just last week.

We'd still be talking about that one, too.

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