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Alicia Florrick is getting her ducks in a row now that The Good Wife is the new State's Attorney, but those ducks aren't exactly cooperating. David Lee and Julius want her office, everybody wants her ear and favors and the firm doesn't want to give her the buyout requested. However, somebody did send Alicia the trophy from How to Get Away With Murder!!! "Whatever this is." Amazing sight-gag.

Let's break down each of Alicia's visitors:
Castro: The exiting State's Attorney came to Alicia with threats of sorts, telling her it was customary for the incoming SA to basically ignore any potential wrongdoing the outgoing one did. You know, like wrongfully pursue charges against Cary in relation to Lemond Bishop. You watch The Good Wife. You know Alicia doesn't do well with threats.

Lemond Bishop: Kalinda set up the meeting with the notorious drug lord. The way Alicia said, "Kalinda, good morning!" had me thinking we'd get a scene between the two of them this episode. That and the hacking group scenes, but alas…Anyway, Bishop asked Alicia to have all investigations dropped so he can retire and turn over a new leaf for Dylan. Alicia promised immunity if Bishop turned over evidence and testified against his lieutenants. You watch The Good Wife. You know Bishop doesn't do well with threats.

Guy Redmayne: Ed Asner can sure play a delightful bigot well. Redmayne wanted a favor too. After all, he did give Alicia a ton of money. But Alicia wasn't quite ready to hand over her deputy spot to somebody she didn't approve of. Enter Eli Gold to school Alicia in the art of favors, saying no and being vague. "You never, ever say no," he told her. And then Alicia had to march around taking back all of her "No" responses.

The Good Wife

Jeff Neumann/CBS

While all this was going on, Finn Polmar was negotiating Alicia's exit package from the firm. Of course money was a sticking point. Alicia wanted more, the firm didn't want to give it, citing the lose of Chum Hum and return to Lockhart/Gardner offices. The two parties couldn't come to an agreement, with Alicia ending the negotiations saying she wouldn't let the offer cloud any future cases they have against one another.  

"Was that a thinly-veiled threat?"
"Nope, a very clear one."

 And then Alicia asked Finn to be her deputy in the SA office. Could they work well together? As just colleagues?

As Alicia got her house in order, Diane and Cary worked on a copyright/trademark case. The Good Wife took on the Sony email hack. A PR company leaked a movie early in attempts to drum up viral interest unbeknownst to the filmmaker, so the case went from copyright infringement to trademark tarnishment. But the head of the file sharing service rallied his Internet troops and they hacked Florrick/Agos and Lockhart's emails. Ever wonder what your coworkers say about you and clients? Yeah, it was juicy. Howard Lyman said he slept with Kalinda, everybody thought David Lee was gay and Diane, Cary and Alicia all said some pretty mean things about each other. Alicia's emails to Peter and Will were also scheduled to come out and we got confirmation about Alicia's night with Johnny. "Relax, it was just a one-night stand, albeit a great one." The case dragged on until the filmmaker decided to settle when his company was threatened with an email hack. The fine lawyers apologized to each other and everything went back to normal…or did it?

Gasp count: 1.

Some other things:
A moment of silence for Diane's flawless frock and glasses.

Guy Redmayne and his foot fetish...
"I love women's feet."
"There's this whore in Arizona..."
"Your feet are like hers!"

"Be a Disney princess!" Eli to Alicia.

 "No. Just hot. And gassy." Marissa on living in Israel to Grace

The Good Wife airs Sundays, 9 p.m. on CBS.

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