Prince George, Prince Charles


Prince Charles is a proud grandpa just like anybody else!

The Prince of Wales created a video to support Earth Hour UK 2015, but all we could notice was the adorable framed photo of him holding little Prince George on the table behind the royal. In the photo, the adorable tot is wearing a white bucket hat (you have to protect him from those U.V. rays!) to match his blue overalls and white shirt. His doting grandpa, however, looks as regal as ever in a suit while paying close attention to his grandson, who seems to have noticed something!

But pretty soon the prince is going to have to update his picture frames in order to make room for Prince William and Kate Middleton's second child! Although we don't know if it's going to be a little prince or princess, we can only imagine the trove of photos this grandpa is going to have on his tables. Cue the cuteness!

Prince George

TRH The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge/PA Wire

What makes the photo stand out even further, however, is when Prince Charles talks about looking out for our planet. In order to cajole people into participating in Earth Hour, which means turning off all non-essential lighting for one hour, on March 28, he talks about the earth's future.

"We have a duty to protect [earth], not just for ourselves but also for our children and grandchildren," he says. That's right! He wants to make sure we protect this planet not only for his grandchildren but also everyone else's! Hear that, Prince George? Your grandpa is just looking out for you.

Prince George has been a busy bee recently, getting in some major bonding time with his mom before she welcomes baby No. 2! She took her 20-month-old son to London's Science Museum last week for a private outing.

"They seemed to enjoy themselves. It's lovely that she feels she can bring George here," a source told People.

The museum was closed to other visitors while the royals and their personal security detail were there.

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