Depending on where you are on the spring break drinking spectrum, this is either the best way to wake up or the absolute worst way to wake up.

If you are still drunk from the night before and/or started drinking early in the morning, then the way the Holiday Inn Resort in Panama City Beach wakes up the crowds of youths looking to misplace their dignity for a week while on spring break will probably be well-received.

However, if you are hungover from the night before and you need to sleep in until 3 p.m. at the very least, then the Holiday Inn blasting this Disney classic in the morning probably makes you want to spill some blood.

Every March, the Holiday Inn is infested with spring breakers, so as a way to get the party started each and every morning, they blast The Lion King's "The Circle of Life" at 11 a.m. to make sure everyone is up and ready to face another day of keg stands, body shots and bong rips. Or whatever it is you crazy kids do during spring break. It's been the hotel's tradition since 2012.

"It was a song that worked real well as a wakeup call because of the loud beat in it and it also works real well because of the message of the song. It fits with the kids and the mood and what they're going through right now," Holiday Inn Marketing Director Philip Corvin told WJHG

How exactly does the song fit what the kids are going through on spring break? Let's take a look at some of the lyrics:

In the circle of life
It's the wheel of fortune
It's the leap of faith
It's the band of hope
Till we find our place
On the path unwinding
In the circle, the circle of life

Did a week of partying with friends get really deep and more meaningful since we graduated college? Well, going on spring break and hoping to not contract some kind of infection is definitely a leap of faith.

So maybe Philip is onto something.

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