Schmidt's mom has landed. We repeat: Schmidt's mom has landed.

This is not a drill, New Girl fans! After four seasons, we're finally getting to meet the woman who gifted the world with the wonderful (and lovably douchey!) creature that is Schmidt (Max Greenfield). And trust us when we tell you she's everything you've ever dreamed she'd be and more.

Don't believe us? Well, then take it from Greenfield in this exclusive sneak peek at the Fox hit's March 31 episode, which gives you your first look at Saturday Night Live vet Nora Dunn as Louise, Schmidt's mama. 

Her arrival puts Schmidt "into a bit of a panic. She's a bit of an overbearing mother," Greenfield previews.

Cut to mother dearest forcing Schmidt to put on a new sweater, put on a new hat, take off the hat, eat chocolate, etc., etc.

Greenfield calls working with Dunn "really cool always having been such a big fan of hers and such a big Saturday Night Live fan. It was really exciting." And hilarious, as you can see in the exclusive video above.

And Greenfield isn't the only New Girl star gushing over  Dunn, as mom-to-be Zooey Deschanel recently told us this episode was one of her recent favorites. "It's such a great script," she said. "Basically, she expects a lot from Schmidt. She has very high standards for him and she still hasn't given him his Bar Mitzvah money. She's been withholding it for about 20 years. He starts to talk her into giving it to him and it's just so funny."

New Girl airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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