"All right meow, where were we?"

Super Troopers fans can start rejoicing now that the sequel has officially been given the green light, thanks to the more than $2 million in donations the film's Indiegogo page received in one day.

The Broken Lizard comedy troupe launched the page on Tuesday in hopes of raising enough money to make a "barebones" sequel to the 2001 indie comedy, an amount that it has already surpassed.

"We've been waiting for years to do this, and meow the time has come," the group revealed about the film. "Our mustaches are thick, furry, and authoritative. The script is written and we're getting all antsy in our pantsy to start shooting." 

Enthusiasts can expect to see the original actors including Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan, Steve Lemme, Paul Soter and Erik Stolhanske.

The film's donation numbers keep on growing by the second and there are still 30 days to go until the campaign ends.

Some perks are still available including casting opportunities, keeping the patrol car used in the second movie, and for mega fans—the chance to have the gang as the best men or bridesmaids at your wedding for a $25,000 price tag.

"We couldn't do this without your help and you have no idea how grateful we are for your contributions, shares, comments...all of it! You're a bunch of rock stars and we're simultaneously humbled and pumped," the page reads.

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