Zayn Malik, Jeremy Clarkson

Getty Images

Now that people have to deal with Zayn Malik's departure from One Direction and Jeremy Clarkson's removal from Top Gear, the Internet is experiencing a whole lot of emotions. Naturally, Twitter exploded with the idea that Malik and Clarkson could switch places. 

With both the hit BBC show and the boy band down a member, both could use a replacement, so why not give Twitter what it wants: a good, old-fashioned switcheroo. If enough people rally behind this movement, we wouldn't be surprised to see if a formal petition gets created LOL.

So do you think it's purely a coincidence that both British stars left their day jobs or is there more to it? Here is what the Twitterverse seems to think:

OK this is an idea we can actually get behind:

But was it really that obvious?

This guy isn't even going to play games when it comes to theories:

This person went the extra mile to really visualize the swap:

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