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Andy Dwyer and April Ludgate are one of the best couples to hit the small screen, but off-screen Chris Pratt and Aubrey Plaza have a very different relationship!

Although they played husband and wife on Parks and Recreation, it turns out Pratt became very disrespectful of his pal after seeing so much success after Gaurdians of the Galaxy. While playing 20 Questions with Playboy magazine for its April issue, Plaza dishes that the Marvel star forgot her name after his movie debuted.

"He forgot my name, which is the weirdest thing about the whole situation. I guess when you're the star of a Marvel movie and super, super famous and you're flown all over the world, you meet so many people that your ability to pay attention is gone. So yeah, he forgot my name. I mean my real name, not my character April on the show."

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She continued, "I had to keep reminding him, and he'd say, 'Oh right. Right, right.' But I don't fault him, because being a movie star is hard. They say that movie stars meet 60 times more people than the average person, so of course your brain gets cloudy. I don't hold that against him. I think he's great."

Don't worry, she's just kidding about the whole thing! Don't let your dreams of Pratt and his wonderfulness be dashed...he still really is the best guy you can ever imagine, according to the sitcom star.

"None of that is true, by the way," she admits. "You told me it would be okay to lie. Chris did not forget my name. He's the kindest, most amazing person ever, and he didn't change a bit except that his f--king body is ripped beyond belief. He's the same old lovable golden retriever of a man I had to hug and touch and kiss a lot—because it's my job. I just tried to make the best of it."

Chris Pratt, Twitter


Her job sounds like the most amazing job a person could have! But if she sounds lucky, just imagine Pratt's real-life wife, Anna Faris! So.Jealous.

But Pratt didn't just become a superhero on the big screen. The incredible hunk took his superpowers into the real world when he made good on a Super Bowl bet with Chris Evans. He and Evans dressed up as Star-Lord and Captain America, respectively, their on-screen personas, and surprised patients at Seattle Children's Hospital! The pair surprised several young patients where they posed for pictures, gave pep talks and even met with families.

"Thanks to @Disney for all your magic to make this visit possible and for sending Captain America his suit," the hospital tweeted with several photos Saturday afternoon. "Meeting Captain America and Star-Lord is an experience our patients will always remember."

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