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The "Droughtlander" is FINALLY amost over, Outlander fans! To celebrate, we have some scoop for you on what to expect when our favorite Starz series returns April 4. Plus, tonight is the last episode of The Mindy Project (fingers, crossed, for this season), and we have scoop on that, too! Dig into our latest batch of exclusive TV scoop, new every Tuesday at 12 pm ET/9 am PT.

The Walking Dead

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Kasey: Will The Walking Dead finale devastate me?! How do I prepare??
It's a season finale...you just answered that question for yourself! But we did ask Josh McDermitt—Eugene on the zombie series—for some scoop to help you out. "I'll just say this: The finale is 90 minutes long. We do hour-long episodes and we bumped this one up to 90 minutes, so if that tells you anything, it's going to be a finale to remember. I will give you this spoiler though: Eugene kills everyone now that he has some newfound courage. That's basically what the 90 minutes are going to be about," he tells us with a laugh. He's joking, guys!

Geraninw129: Outlander, please! Anything on Jamie and Claire.
There's definitely trouble in paradise (who are we kidding, 18th Century Scotland, filled with Captain Jack Black Randall was never paradise, but it IS TV's hottest couple so we're just gonna use that phrase anyway). When the show returns, you'll see how Jamie's ideas about how men treat women differ greatly from Claire's, and you might sorta love-hate him for half of the first episode. But then, of course, it all comes around with some of the most profoundly romantic dialogue I think my TV-loving' ears have ever witnessed. Does Outlander author Diana Gabaldon script role-play dialogue for old married couples? Asking for a friend.

Arrow, Emily Bett Rickards, Willa Holland, Colton Haynes, Katie Cassidy

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11_Dino: some scoop on Arrow? Especially Felicity?
Everyone's favorite computer whiz will be sharing scenes with someone she never has before: Thea! "We've always talked about it, and there's a reason behind it, but I can't say," Willa Holland reveals to us. "They're coming, they're coming!" So will Oliver's little sis and his love get along?  It's going to be good, of course. I don't ever seeing it negative," Holland previews of their dynamic. "They're the two people he loves the most and the two people he goes to for everything, that he would do anything for. They have so much in common in that sense."

WandaLvr3: I need Empire season two scoop now!
We can't wait until we get the Lyon family back on our TV screens either. But when we do, how long will it have been since all the events of the season one finale? "It hasn't been decided yet," executive producer Ilene Chaiken tells us. "That will be one of the first things we decide when we go back at it, ‘When are we picking up?'"

Sofia: The Good Wife! What is going to happen now that Alicia is State's Attorney??
You know how Lemond Bishop has been lingering around all season? That's for a reason. "He's going to figure very big in what's coming up because they owe him, they went into bed with him as a client because they said, 'Well, we only represent his legitimate interests,'" Christine Baranski tells us. "Well, you know what? They've paid a price for thinking that they could do that. He's a very, very dangerous presence in the show…you're going to love it!"

The Flash

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Ella: Got anything on WestAllen? #TheFlash
Just because Barry's gone back in time, don't expect everything to change. "Iris is going to continue to go after that story [about Wells] because Mason has piqued her interest," Candice Patton says. "For Barry, he wants to keep her out of harm's way and this is going to put her directly in harm's way, going into a situation with Dr. Wells that he's not even quite clear about." Executive producer Andrew Kreisberg reveals that "Iris' interest in this article, in Bridge and in Wells is going to make up a large part of her arc for the rest of the season." And that will put her in direct contact with the Reverse Flash, Eobard Thawne himself…and sooner than you think! "[Wells and Iris] do have a pretty significant [scene together] in the next episode," Tom Cavanagh teases.

Monica: The Royals is my fave new show! Scoop, please.
Glad you're digging it! In this Sunday's episode, you'll see that the queen (Elizabeth Hurley) is madly in love with someone who is not the king. And the love triangle heats up with one of the craziest, um, love(?) scenes TV has ever witnessed. It ends with a car crashing into a phone booth.

Shane: So excited to see Laura Dern in tonight's Mindy Project finale! But I am still waiting for Reese Witherspoon to come on!
Trust, Mindy Kaling is trying to make it happen in season four. "I love Reese and she is a friend of mine and I'd love to have her come be on the show," she tells us, adding she envisions her in a role that is "very different than what she's been playing recently."

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Orphan Black, Tatiana Maslany, Ari Millen


Allie: Any scoop you can share about the Orphan Black premiere?
"Damn, she looks good." One of our favorite lines of the episode, which of course comes from Felix, but surprisingly, is not said about any of Tatiana Maslany's clones!

Natalie: I need Agent Ward back in my life…or at least on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Got scoop on when he'll return?
You're in luck, since the ex-S.H.I.E.L.D. baddie is finally back tonight! So where will we find Ward in tonight's episode? "Well, let's start with where we ended with him," Brett Dalton says. "I kept my promise to Skye and reunited her with her father. As a thank you, she shot me four times. But I did not die. To my rescue came Agent 33, who just lost her mentor as I had lost mine in season one. I think what we're seeing now is an unlikely duo, who have both lost someone who gave them orders. So, both of us have this question that we've been forced to answer: Who are we when someone's not telling us what to do? I wrestled with those demons for six months in a padded cell before season two and now Agent 33 is in a similar position; kind of lost and wondering what to do. I might have some knowledge in that."

Aaron: I'll take anything you've got on the Dunphys. #ModernFamily #SpoilerChat
Studious Alex isn't going to be all work and no play the rest of this season! "Alex does have a little romance coming up," Ariel Winter says. "It's awesome and it's super cute. He's like her arch enemy at first and then they fall in love. I love it because high school teens can totally relate to that. At first you're like, ‘I can't stand him!' And then you're like, ‘Oh, I love him!' It's really exciting."

Chasing Life, Italia Ricci

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Faith: I need more Chasing Life after that crazy finale! Got any season 2 scoop?
Of course! Did you see our scoop-filled post mortem interview with Italia Ricci? Bonus scoop: now that April is no longer employed, expect to see her exploring what she wants out of life professionally next season. "She's always wanted to be a reporter and that's all she's ever known, but quitting was the right decision for her now," Ricci says. "Maybe in the second season she'll want something different because she hasn't tried anything else. Maybe she's not as passionate about journalism as she thinks she is because she just hasn't given anything else a shot yet."

Jared: If we don't get another season of Looking I will riot in the streets! Please give me hope!
Wanna know what HBO president Michael Lombardo had to say about the show's chances of a third season when we pressed for a renewal? "All I can say it's a personal favorite so hopefully. We'll see." Fingers crossed, y'all!

Maria: Have you seen the Finding Carter season two premiere yet?
Yes we have! And it's got everything you'd want from the MTV drama: mystery, drama, lighthearted family moments, romance and even a knock-down, drag-out fight between Lori and Elizabeth! But even though the premiere is filled with intense drama and intrigue now that Carter's been abducted (again!) by Lori, there's also a moment in the episode between twins Carter and Taylor that instantly warmed our hearts. "One thing we do know: we're sisters. And nothing is ever going to change that." Awwwww.

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—Additional reporting by Tierney Bricker, Chris Harnick, Sydney Bucksbaum and Ruth O'Neill

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