These guys are taking pizza delivery to a holy new level!

While riding around in his specially designed Popemobile during a visit to Naples, Italy, on Sunday, Pope Francis was on the receiving end of a very special fast food delivery.

Enzo Cacialli, the owner of Pizzeria Don Ernesto in Napoli, had the idea to personally craft a pie for the 78-year-old pontiff. The specialty pizza was white and yellow with yellow cherry tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella. Cacialli and his business partner Roberto Biscardi then waited on the side of the road among a large crowd of fans as Francis road by with security vehicles.

Biscardi says of the stunt, "The bodyguard at some point realized our good intentions and invited Enzo to approach. We are proud that the pope accepted."

In a video of the offering, Pope Francis is visably happy with a giant smile on his face as Cacialli runs up to the Popemobile to hand him the snack. "We just wanted to give our passion for pizza to the pope," Biscardi added. "We are very religious here. And for us the pope is someone truly special."

This isn't the first time Pizzeria Don Ernesto has made a pizza for a world leader. Twenty-one years ago, Enzo's father, Ernesto, made a traditional Naples pizza for President Bill Clinton during his visit there for the G7 forum.

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