What's the one lesson we learned from this video? There are a lot of real p---ks out there. 

But when it's someone else dealing with it, p---ks can actually be hilarious.

Comedians (and YouTube-ers) Eva and Mel recently decided to play a little love experiment that would make us all feel better for our ridiculous dating histories. They gathered a group of single New Yorkers and asked them read the last text they received from their ex (or former hookup) on camera. The result was both funny and a little scary. 

Some start out sensitive, only to turn, well, p---kish. "Hey I'm really sorry I got caught up a bit in what was really an excellent date. You're an awesome girl, but I'm not sure I see a future for us dating-wise. And you can totes just toss that belt I left at your place. It was broken anyways."

Some are short but not sweet. "Wanna make out?"

Some are flaky. "On my way."

Some will just make you shudder. "I just want you to know that I'm making $100,000 a year now."

And some are actually thoughtful. "Don't come over. There is no chili. The chili has not been made. I repeat, there is no chili." Because, no one wants to get caught in a chili bait-and-switch.

Do you feel better about your own love life now? We thought so.

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