Ever wondered what it's like to be a princess on The Royals? Well, now's your chance.

In the above clip, go behind-the-scenes with Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park), Princess Maribel (Hatty Preston) and Princess Penelope (Lydia Rose Bewley) to get an exclusive peek at what it's like playing a British princess.

"It's great to bring in this color," creator Mark Schwahn said. "Once the princesses walk on screen, you go 'okay.' Let's drop all that for a second and be entertained."

The Royals, Princesses


"Mark does this great thing, it's like a reward," Hatty explained. "If we manage to get a scene done nice and quickly, he'll let us kind of ad lib a little bit and before he does it, he always goes, 'I'm gonna regret this' and it without fail gets very filthy very quickly."

Watch the clip above to learn more about the princesses from The Royals and click HERE to watch the first full episode for free!

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