It's Madonna Week on the The Ellen DeGeneres Show and actress Ellie Kemper got the message loud and clear.

The 34-year-old Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt star made her entrance on the daytime show Thursday wearing a Madonna-themed outfit complete with the singer's iconic cone bra and she even showed us her dancing skills while performing "Vogue."

"I am standing way out," said The Office alum as she gestured to her protruding cone bra. Ellen DeGeneres revealed to the actress that Madonna Week is not a themed week where people are supposed to dress like the singer.

"That was not communicated to me," said Kemper. "So no one, I'm noticing, is dressed as Madonna," she said in response.

It's OK, Ellie. We love you for that memorable entrance!

 Ellie Kemper, The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

The comedic redhead, who has appeared in box office hits such as Bridesmaids and 21 Jump Street, revealed that she can still take the subway in New York without anyone recognizing her. 

"Uh, nobody knows who I am. Which is, that's fine. On the subway or something like that, that's great not to be recognized," said Kemper. However, her next sentence was a shocker. "Do you know I'm also not recognized at like industry events?" revealed the star.

Cue the gasps!

That's right. Kemper revealed that at this year's Golden Globes, not even the media recognized the actress. "I got to go to the Golden Globes this year as a guest. And I know the drill so well. Amy Adams is out on the red carpet and it's, 'Amy, Amy let's see your dress. Let's see your dress!' Dakota Johnson walks out, 'Dakota, Dakota!' And then it's my turn and I know what's gonna happen. So I get out on there, all the cameras go down," said Kemper.

But there's more!

 Ellie Kemper, The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

Kemper confessed, "It's uniquely embarrassing to be standing for a photo that nobody wants. But you also just spent like six hours getting ready, so you're like, 'I will have that photo taken!' So this is happening at the Golden Globes, and I could see no one is saying anything and suddenly one woman, bless her heart, said 'Anna!' And I was like OK, Anna Kendrick or Anna Faris, someone is behind me. I turned around. Only person behind me was Al Roker, but he's not Anna. So I realized. Oh, I'm Anna. But I'm not Anna, I'm Ellie."

"I'm like, 'Anna is here!' Yeah. I got my picture," the actress happily admitted.

After her impressive Madonna dance, and her new role as happy-go-lucky Kimmy Schmidt, recognizing this leading lady won't be a problem.

Watch the interview for yourself!

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