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It's been six years, Glee fans, but tomorrow night, it will all be over for good.

No, we're not crying, you're crying!

That's right, after six seasons filled with hilarious one-liners, amazing song covers and heartwarming and heartwrenching storylines, Glee is bowing with its series finale Friday night.

But before we say goodbye to all our favorite McKinley High grads, students and teachers, we decided to wax nostalgic with the cast about their favorite lines they ever said on the show, songs they ever sang and memories on set. Check out what everyone said and try not to cry too hard...we've still got some time before the series finale airs!

Lea Michele, Glee Finale

Kristin Dos Santos

Lea Michele

Favorite Line: "Being a part of something special makes you special." Or "Just like Tinkerbell, I need applause to live." That was kind of genius!

Favorite memory: I really go back to that pilot, just me and Cory [Monteith], Jenna [Ushkowitz], Kevin [McHale], Amber [Riley] and Chris Colfer singing "Don't Stop Believing." It always seems to come back to that moment.


Amber Riley, Glee Finale

Kristin Dos Santos

Amber Riley

Favorite Memory: "Don't Stop Believin'." I really love that first moment where we got to be on set all day, before we started complaining about being on set all day. [laughs] It was really fun and we got to know and bond with each other.

Favorite Line: I'm a jetbecause when I said it, I didn't know what it meant, but it was a reference from West Side Story, and she was a jet, and she didn't really get it. It was funny.

Favorite Musical Number: "Bust Your Windows."

Mark Salling, Glee Finale

Kristin Dos Santos

Mark Salling

Favorite Line: "Go puck yourself." Or "I don't Puck with you."

Favorite memory: Smashing Chord Overstreet in ping pong all the time is something I will really cherish. We'd always be sweaty from it and have to go dab ourselves before the camera rolled! There are so many memories. It feels like a lifetime that I lived with these people.

Favorite Musical Number::  I still remember Kristen Chenoweth's first episode. When she sang in front of us. That was the first time I was floored.

Darren Criss, Glee Finale

Kristin Dos Santos

Darren Criss

Favorite Memory: Seeing Lea sing a song I wrote. I'm so lucky I got to put one of  my songs on the show. I wrote it for Lea. I wrote it for the entire Glee world. It's called "This Time" and it's Lea's last song. I left it all out there. So that was my love note to the show.

Favorite Line: I can barely remember my lines the day of! [Laughs]

Favorite Musical Number: Anything I can sit and watch, so anytime the girls did anything, particularly when they were in some sexy number. The girls were all in these beautiful dresses doing "Tell Em" or something, and I was like, I get to watch this, this is so cool!

Chord Overstreet, Glee Finale

Kristin Dos Santos

Chord Overstreet

Favorite Memory: We had a ping-pong table at basecamp and Mark and I would play all day. And I would always win. 

Favorite Line: Probably an impersonation, or something I did with this guy [Salling]. "I never had balls in my mouth before, have you?" That was one of the first scenes I did with him, and I barely knew these guys, and it's one of my favorites.

Favorite musical number: "Fire and Rain," that James Taylor did, so when we sang that, that was a special number for me, because it was right after the memorial episode for Cory. But I'd say one of my favorite songs I did was the first one because it was such a new experience for me, so I'd say "Billionaire." It was a blast. And obviously getting to do the duet with Dianna Agron

Jane Lynch, Glee Finale

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Jane Lynch

Favorite Moment: Anything with Dot Marie Jones, and Chord Overstreet. We did some fun stuff, and of course Matt Morrison, but in particular, in the pilot, when they started singing "Don't Stop Believing" and there was no production values, it was an empty stage and they were in red and black t-shirts or something like that, no costumes, that beautiful arrangement of that song, it was really touching.

Favorite Line: "I will kick you square in the taco." That I got to say that on television I think is remarkable. And "Loving musical theater doesn't make you gay, it just makes you awful."

Dot Marie Jones, Glee Finale

Kristin Dos Santos

Dot Marie Jones

Favorite Line: "You're all omelet and no coffee." Which made absolutely no sense! It was just so stupid, in a good way.

Favorite Moment: Every day having fun, you know what I mean. We laughed and had a good time, but yet we conveyed so many messages that were so important, and the show stood for something.

Favorite Musical Number: To date, when Naya Rivera and the girls sang, when I was going through the domestic abuse thing, they sang "Shake It Out," I was a mess. I was bawling. That's one of my favorites.

The Glee series finale airs Friday at 8 p.m. on Fox.

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