All he needs is a pot of gold!

Will Ferrell stopped by CBS's Late Show With David Letterman Tuesday in full leprechaun attire to honor St. Patrick's Day.

Of course, the comedian who is known for his wild antics didn't stop there. The 47-year-old made time to sing a wacky rendition of the Irish classic "Danny Boy."

The Get Hard star wore a green tailcoat with matching pantaloons, a shiny yellow vest, as well as some snazzy, buckled shoes. We see you!

Letterman took one look at Ferrell and revealed, "Earlier today, when I was told you were coming out dressed as a leprechaun, I told myself that will be stupid, but you look like a billion dollars, my friend!"

Will Ferrell, David Letterman, St. Patricks Day


"St. Patrick's Day is a very serious holiday to me," the actor said with a straight face. "Every St. Patrick's Day, I put on my outfit and I walk the streets of New York educating people on the dangers of snakes."

He claims while most think about getting drunk on the holiday, he'd like to know how the real St. Patrick chased out all of the snakes in Ireland during the fifth century.

"Stay away from DUMBO," the funnyman belted out about the neighborhood in the New York City borough of Brooklyn. "Because in DUMBO, the snakes wear skinny jeans."

Looks like the Saturday Night Live alum does have the luck of the Irish. After his amusing performance, Letterman can be seen wiping the tears from his eyes due to laughing so hard.

Check out the entertaining video for yourself.

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