Tommy Lasorda, Singing, Instagram


Tommy Lasorda may not have understood what he was asking the "what" to be turned down for...but who does, really?

The 87-year-old former Dodgers manager and living baseball legend extended an offer to fans via Twitter (yes, 'cause he tweets regularly, as does 87-year-old Dodgers announcer Vin Scully) to give him something that they had always wanted to hear him say—and he would make a video of himself saying it and post it on Instagram!

So, congratulations to David Jones, magazine editor and self-described sports addict who tweeted back, "Turn down for what!!!"

Because that's what Lasorda made a video of himself saying quite enthusiastically, even adding a bit of a dance to go along with it. 

Turn down for what?!

A video posted by Thomas Charles Lasorda (@tommy2lasorda) on

Well, it's not as if he was ever going to say, "I love you San Francisco Giants."

"I CU TOMMY!!" Lil Jon himself tweeted at the snowy-haired sports icon.

Dodgers utility player Justin Turner also got in on the fun, tweeting, "I guess I know what @TommyLasorda wants me to use as my walk up music again this year #TurnDownForWhat#LA@Dodgers."

Well, only if Lasorda sings it himself!

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