Pat Sajak, Tom Bergeron


So this is what happens when hosts stop being nice and start getting real.

Real funny on Twitter, that is.

It appears that Pat Sajak was one of the millions who tuned into the season premiere of Dancing With the Stars last night, because he took to Twitter on Monday to critique the new line-up of celebs, sending forth a real humdinger of a diss.

"Might be time to change 'Dancing with the Stars' to 'Dancing with People Who Agree to Be on Dancing with the Stars.'" the veteran Wheel of Fortune host tweeted.

So, who wants to buy an "O"?

 As in "Oh, snap!"

But DWTS host Tom Bergeron wasn't going to let his fellow emcee just get away with that—cue the hilarious Twitter exchange, as provided by your grandma's favorite guys from TV.

"@patsajak Or change 'Wheel of Fortune' to 'Wheel of Unfortunates,'" Bergeron fired back a few hours later.

"@Tom_Bergeron The host, on the other hand? Now we're talking stars! :-)" Sajak offered.

"@patsajak Now THAT was some fancy footwork! :)" Bergeron, known for his deftness with the ad libs, complimented his fellow veteran TV personality.

Tom Bergeron, Pat Sajak, Twitter Conversation


We give the back-and-forth a 9. It would have been a 10 if it had just gone on a little longer.

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