Alec Baldwin

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Alec Baldwinis a complicated, mysterious man. He's basically a quandary wrapped in an enigma, which is then wrapped in a very outspoken person.

Yes, Mr. Baldwin certainly has never had a problem sharing his opinion, even if it's an opinion that makes people go "Huh?" So when we heard that the actor was offering himself up to do a Reddit AMA, our ears perked right up. The online Q&A (which is short for Ask Me Anything) is a way for celebs to hobnob with fans and answer a very carefully selected set of questions on the fly. 

Alec completed his AMA yesterday, and it was certainly very...informative. His answers contained the usual formula of Baldwin-style quirk and honesty, and we actually ended up learning a whole lot about the actor. We even learned some things we really wish we didn't. Ahead are the 10 most Alec Baldwin-y gems.

1. He likes to jump on people in bed to make them laugh: "When I can make children laugh, my little daughter laugh, that's priceless," he said. "If I pretend I'm a favorite way of making people laugh is to maul them like a lion, while they're in bed...I will try it on my wife. Who knows? She might like it."

2. He has a favorite moment from 30 Rock: And it's not quite what you'd expect. "I liked when Tina [Fey] and I got married inadvertently because the French captain married us by mistake, and I could never quite understand what he was saying."

3. Tracy Morgan used to watch really weird stuff in between takes on 30 Rock: "He'd have DVDs, or tapes, he'd transfer them to DVD, of, like, the Jackson 5 special. And he'd be listening to the Jackson 5 from 1970. He just had very weird taste. He was into wild, crazy, alternative programming."

4. He's obsessed with walking his dogs: "I wake up [in the morning] and I walk my dogs. I do the morning shift with my dogs. We have a dog walker in the afternoon, but in the morning, I'm out there in the snow, the rain, the freezing cold, I gotta walk my dogs. Then I feed my dogs. I walk and feed the dogs."

5. He's very talented at doing expressions: "I think when you're a professional actor, you never exhaust your expression library. That's almost impossible. That's the difference between an amateur actor and a professional actor is that I have an inexhaustible store of expressions in my library."

6. He flies in special granola for breakfast, but he's totally low maintenance: "I have my special granola that I had shipped in from the ski lodge in Park City, Utah. It's one of my only indulgences. I don't live in a penthouse, I don't drive a Range Rover, but I have my granola flown in from Stein Eriksen Lodge in Park City, Utah." 

7. He loves crack: "Trivia Crack? It sounds like something that's right up my alley. It involves two things I love: trivia and crack. It sounds like a perfect game for me."

8. He really hates Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell: "If I could put anyone in a dunk tank...probably Mitch McConnell. I'm really feeling Mitch needs to go in the dunk tank right now. For a good six months to a year...I wouldn't charge much, because I want everyone to experience the joy of flinging Mitch McConnell into the dunk tank. That isn't something to be reserved for the wealthy."

9. He doesn't think he's very good looking: "I feel like I was good looking for about six weeks back in the late 80s. 88, 89? It was all coming together, it was all good, and then all downhill from there in the 90s and the 2000s."

10. His fantasy dinner table lineup is Jesus, Bob Dylan, and Pablo Escobar: "I'd say Jesus, but you'd have to have an interpreter, so that would kill a second seat at the table. Jesus would speak Aramaic, and that would wipe out one slot. So as much as I'd love to have dinner with Jesus, if he had to bring his interpreter, that would wipe out two seats. Bob Dylan, I find him very unusual and very interesting, would love to talk to him. Someone from a drug cartel, someone from Carlos Leder or Pablo Escobar, I want them to tell me all about their career, their life's work. So Jesus, Bob Dylan and Pablo Escobar."

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