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There is and will only ever be one Martha Stewart.

The Gwyneth Paltrows and Blake Livelys can try as they might, but there's a reason Martha will forever be the domestic goddess—she does it all. Even now, as she focuses on expanding her empire internationally, she's still planning ahead for the gardens at her home(s) and seeing to it that every facet of her life is Martha-levels of perfection. So how on earth does the multi-tasking mogul do it? As she tells Into The Gloss, "I manage it all—I woman it!"

"My days are extremely busy," she notes. And because she's been focusing on worldwide domination (or "expanding the Martha Stewart business internationally," as she phrases it), she's been traveling like crazy. "As a result, I've been learning how to cope with long trips and the devastation that long airplane rides wreak on my skin and body," she says. "I don't know how pilots and flight attendants do it."

Martha Stewart Living Magazine, Halloween

Martha Stewart Living Magazine

"So there's that, and gardening season is just about to start," she continues. " I've been ordering all of my plants and seeds and getting ready to plant three gardens in Bedford and East Hampton, New York, and Maine. Even with everything else going on, I still like to take care of those."

But she does it all—womaning it, to borrow from her parlance. "For me, everything I do is personal expression," Martha, 73, tells Into The Gloss. "I'm always busy working on my own projects…"

"I think, even when you're busy, that you should always continue to learn as much as you can about business and dealing with people," she says. "That's very important—and try to stay as passionate as you can about your good idea. Be excited about what you're doing."

Martha Stewart

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Other wise words from Martha? "I really believe in cleaning your skin well, every day," she says. "I never go to bed with my makeup on...ever. You just don''t do that."

And while we're on talking face stuff here, there's no shame in the occasional filler. "I don't think that once you have lines or wrinkles you're going to be able to erase them—except maybe a little bit of a needle here and there," she says. "I don't mind that because I think it makes a big difference if it's done beautifully. I'm totally up to date on all those things, and I talk to doctors all the time on my radio show...But I'm not into Botox though—not yet."

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