Are you ready to jump out of your seat?

If so, the new indie horror flick It Follows (in limited release) is said to have no shortage of fear-inducing moments for those who love to get their adrenaline rushing.

Directed by David Robert Mitchell, viewers are taken on a journey with a group of high school friends who are stalked by a murderous supernatural presence—that is, until they pass on the devilish entity to someone else.

In a recent review by Vox, the chilling film is hailed as, "the scariest American horror movie in years." 

"It's playing on this idea of us being colder observers of this terrible thing happening, and that we're on the outside of it," says Mitchell.

It Follows Trailer


The movie is currently rated high on Metacritic, though some critics have actually found it too terrifying:

• "It wasn't a fun kind of scare. It was the so-upset-I-feel-sick kind of amorphous dread," writes Vulture's David Edelstein. 

• Entertainment Weekly's Chris Nashawaty writes, "A dizzyingly tense and creepy workout." 

• "Mitchell has his own twisted gift for letting atmosphere help define character. It Follows creeps you out big-time in that cool way that freezes the blood," writes Rolling Stone's Peter Travers. 

The hair-raising flick will also hit VOD on March 27.

Are you planning to watch It Follows? Sound off in the comments below!

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